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FLFE: Focused Life Force Energy: EMF Mitigation and Consciousness Support

Burn after Writing by Sharon Jones , Paperback 2. Our progression-based courses consist of eight one-hour sessions, where you will build strength and tackle obstacles with your peers. Starting at novice level with no prior obstacle course experience needed, you will learn the basic techniques on our ninja course. At the end of the course, an assessment will take place, with the opportunity to advance to the next level of our ninja program.

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One-on-one training is available for all fitness levels. Curious what the sport of ninja has to offer? Never touched an obstacle course in your life? The UMass Life Science Carter The following is the most important article the author has ever submitted to any publication and categorically states is also the most important anyone has ever presented to any publication.

The Awesome Life Force by Joseph H. Cater (1984, Paperback)

The reasons will become apparent by the time the reader finishes it. Is it possible that a simple device which can be easily and cheaply mass produced and also easily constructed by any backyard handyman with no special tools, can put free energy within the reach of everyone? The answer is an unqualified yes! Incredibly this can be accomplished without any changes in our pre-sent technology. In a nutshell, it is a device that can be attached to any internal combustion engine which will obviate the need for fuel.

No changes or alterations of any kind on the engine are required. One standard device of the correct size will work on any engine, at the same time the engine will perform better than it would on any fuel. Another dividend is that the exhaust, instead of being toxic, will be highly beneficial. It will contain much higher negative ion content than ordinary air. Interestingly enough, the old gasoline engine, long condemned by free energy advocates including the author, can turn out to be perhaps our greatest and most practical source of free energy. The ramifications are staggering.

Conventional engines can be used to operate conventional generators, heat homes by its exhaust and at the same time improve air quality along with many other uses.

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The only malefactors directly affected by such changes would be the oil and utility companies. Ironically the internal combustion engine, ruthlessly preserved by the establishment for nearly a century can finally be its downfall. An early clue as to this possibility was revealed to the author several decades ago by an associate who had witnessed an incredible demonstration. For a period of several months, an old farmer gave public demonstrations of an ordinary gasoline engine running on air alone. This was accomplished by passing the air, which eventually went into the manifold, through a mass of ground up vegetable matter.

The engine could be made to run for weeks on one batch. No doubt, he periodically added water to keep it from drying out. The reader has guessed it.

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He finally disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Later another clue was revealed when it was learned that the engine of diesel trucks often run wild when they run out of fuel during operation. A former acquaintance of the author personally witnessed such an event. To remedy this effect some manufacturers have installed special valve lifters to cut compression when this occurs. In view of the science of soft particle physics developed by the author and thoroughly explained in his new book "The Awesome Life Force," the explanation of the above phenomena becomes self-evident.

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As mentioned in previous articles, orgone or soft electrons which permeates all known space is the direct source of all our energy and also electricity. Heat is produced when soft electrons, which are relatively unstable, disintegrate and release the harder electrons they camouflage. The released harder electrons produce thermal agitation of atoms and molecules before they are recaptured. All living things including vegetable matter concentrate soft electrons. When the air passed through the vegetable matter it picked up high concentrations of soft electrons before it entered the manifold.

A Resource Guide for the Life Force Research of Joseph H. Cater | Aether Force

The high concentration of soft electrons in the super charged air became sufficiently agitated during compression and sparking to disintegrate which resulted in the production of much heat. In the case of diesel engines, the situation was different but the results were identical. Diesel engines have ultra high compression ratios and this, coupled with the heat already built up in the engines during operation, enabled even a lower orgone concentration to disintegrate.

This prevented excessive agitation and the only heat released was that due to the burning of the fuel. With this in mind the solution to the problem of obtaining energy directly from the air without fuel becomes almost self-evident. A properly constructed orgone accumulator is the greatest concentrator of orgone energy known.

The author is not thinking in terms of just a few alternate layers of metallic and non metallic substances as has been done in the past but as many as 40 layers! The more layers, the higher the concentration of orgone results. This means that air passing through an orgone accumulator with this number of layers will be supercharged sufficiently after it leaves the accumulator to operate an engine.