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Seriously, when every breath you take and every move you make is "machievellian", you MUST destroy everyone else to "win" that "game". Don't know if you, DC, ever listened to the song "Cross of Changes" recorded by the group called "Enigma"? This ruling angered me greatly. I just don't understand how a corporation can be counted as a person. A corporation is a thing, not a person. A CEO of a corporation can already use his money to speak out loudly against the very people that got him rich. I am afraid for my country.

Posted by: Mica February 27, PM. Yet another angle to consider, huh? Corporation Xe, meet the Patriot Act Posted by: Anna D. Posted By: David C. It will be like a battle between the Shape Shifter and Electronics Man. It would be nice to know who is behind the destruction of our society. The people who signed our constitution are probably spinning in their grave.

I would have thought we would be able to hold our system off government together for more than two hundred twenty seven years. It all began nine years ago when Bush Incorporated stole the presidential election. Posted by: D. Eddy February 27, PM. DCEDDY wrote, in part, "The people headed in the right direction are not the problem it is the Sociopathic Materialists who have taken the wrong direction and they are in charge.

The pretensions of these various Special Interest Stooges should now elicit nothing but howls of laughter from the public. Meanwhile, however, U tube does offer a more modest version but one in which those delightful and timeless lyrics ring more true than ever. Posted by: David C. It's not over until the last man or woman is left standing. The people headed in the right direction are not the problem it is the Sociopathic Materialists who have taken the wrong direction and they are in charge.

I understand perfectly well. By the way I agree with most of your post. How's that for poetry? Eddy February 26, PM. DC typed, "We need to be headed in the best possible direction and there is no one interested in finding that direction. You have got to be kidding me On these blogs we have done the math to solve health care costs, decided on a constitutional convention, figured out how to create jobs, solve the energy crisis, clean up pollution, form non-political parties to send representatives of industry, labor, science, the fine arts, agriculturalist, etc.

Anna D. It would be a boring life if everyone was a "Rocket Scientist". As it is we need all kinds of people to make the world go around. Thanks to the orbit and spin of the earth and the circling galaxy; we are always going around in circles. We need to be headed in the best possible direction and there is no one interested in finding that direction.

I guess circling the field will have to do. Eddy February 25, PM. Tom Shillick opined, in part, "Profound self-deception or disingenuousness is clearly no bar to judicial membership. Xe is about to get another billion dollar contract. If we men and women cannot pull together for each other; then we should at least pull together for the sake of the Children. They are our future. Today's decisions and actions are tomorrow's reality. There is more to reality than what is seen.

The power behind reality is also real. Space is just as real as is matter. Sociopathic Materialism is a force in which we must contend in order to bring about the reality that is in our best interests. Eddy February 24, PM. As usual I am with you when it comes to your premises but when it comes to conclusions you are from Venis and I am from mars My conclusions are that we need to recognize each other for what we are and be what we were meant to be. In the meantime back at the ranch; we need to understand that it is best to work together to the benefit of everyone. The same goes for politics.

We are not Republicans or Democrats we are people who need to survive threats to our nation and to the individual. Trying to be what we are not is foolishness that ends badly for everyone. Non-nagotiable ideals are getting us into "frozen assets". We need all possible possibilities to prevent our mutual oblivion.

No state can possibly benefit from having that much money injected into a political campaign. This invites the question independent of what? Historically, the judicial branch supports the reactionary power elite as best it can just as it does now. Profound self-deception or disingenuousness is clearly no bar to judicial membership.

Chief justice Rhenquist demonstrated beyond any doubt that social, economic, political and moral issues can take precedence over legal precedent and that the latter can be a dues ex machina for the occasion. Many judges run unopposed because lawyers do not want to risk the prejudicial consequences of coming before a judge who they ran against. Their fee structures effectively deny access to courts and justice for the vast majority of Americans. Economically, the legal profession operates like a Mafia extracting rents, albeit legalized, from clients and society generally.

Opening the judicial branch to justice for all is overdue, though just letting the money flow in may make it even more independent of the commonweal than it already is. Intellectually, that was grounded in a bogus economics of efficient market theory. The larger intellectual context of that was a recrudescence of Social Darwinism in America. These facilitated the transfer of wealth to the power elite and a shift to a two class society.

The socialization of the losses of the financial industry while the banksters are allowed to keep a couple decades of looting and economic distortions of the economy shows that American capitalism as morphed into plutocracy and kleptocracy rather like an M. Escher drawing. The heist perpetrated on Americans by the Bush and Obama regimes does not even rise to the level of taxation without representation.

What would the Founding Fathers DO? A comment on what to do about the problem. Your guest proposed it was important for people to believe that the system is fair. For that to happen you need simple laws that are understood by all so that they can be believed in. Keep digging, but I think you will eventually realize that giving government more power will inevitably lead to more corruption. Your Democratic Party idealism that the government is the answer flies in the face of this reality. At every turn the more power is vested in the government, only the greediest and most corrupt among the population will be left in charge.

Posted by: Ric February 24, PM. I'm so "white" that I often win the whitest person on the beach contest Their viewpoints and entire life reactions are essentially different; they are wholly incapable of full and real comprehension of each other. Complete understanding between the sexes is not attainable. The hand that rocks the cradle still fraternizes with destiny. The rise in alcohol abuse among men was due to the numbing repetitiveness and long hours of their "factory" jobs.

My culture calls that old testament bible stuff "banaluki" as does one comediene, a Mr. I fail to see how getting ride of their man, working three jobs to meet the cost of living and having to do all of the home duties is an advantage. AD - What a smell red herring this is DCEDDY, "The only thing that helps people out is a good job that pays the cost of living and other people that are a comfort instead of a challenge.

Well, duh. Raising children is people's most important task. Not sure black and latino women would agree to killing any baby girls as a means of population control, but you never know about the "moral standard bearers" and "spiritual leaders" in those "races" that can't even IMAGINE what that means - "WOMEN are spiritual leaders?! WOMEN don't even have souls - they are animals You're embarassing yourself and losing the respect of the kids who want a solution to pollution that is not dilution - and they KNOW that the "chicks" are going to be part of the "solution".

Ironic how you don't like the two things about being a woman that MEN have "created" for women as an amusement for themselves in some way or another - "beauty" contests, and of course, "babies" Posted by David E. Maybe women where created as a man's help mate Women's lib is still convincing men that they should let them run the show.

I would think working together to make life as pleasant as possible would be a better goal. All the 'isms" in the world are doing nothing to help people out. The only thing that helps people out is a good job that pays the cost of living and other people that are a comfort instead of a challenge.

Do we vote them out? That'll require about four generations. What is YOUR solution? Marches on Washington won't do it; writing endless well thought out comments won't do it; trying to vote them out won't do it. Well, Gordie, I happened to actually be in a country that HAD a revolution while I was there - a peaceful one, for the most part.

Reagan had nothing to do with it, although that's what "history" in USA is teaching War is always declared without any worries about who and how it is going to be "paid" for Posted by: David E. Your post sure did rihg my bell I have always admired women for who they are and what they represent. I am glad I am a man mostly because men do not have to win beauty contests or have babies. I have taught women's self-defense. Most of the women in my life have had strong personalities. I only intend to challenge you with no ill intent.

As far as I can tell; there is only one of me other than the "me, myself and I" play on words. On the subject of war; the only things wars produce is death and destruction. War of words can be fun as long as people have thick skins and kind hearts. We need to choose the right path before we venture into untried territory. The stakes are high and our survival as a Democracy is in jeopardy.

We need to be of one accord to avoid a corrupt slave state of affairs. Eddy February 23, PM. Gordie wrote, in part, "Imagine Congress receiving 1-million letters the first month; 5-million letters the second month; million the third month; million the fourth month Pass it along and save the Republic. Even when their eyes saw the reality of a million people in their faces in D. C at the inaguration,.

Now how did the "war" on "drugs" work out - did sending emails begging the local pusher to stop work? You're not dealing with a different "class" of politician and business man in D. C than the street pushers - same "value" system I demand that you represent my interests by calling a convention as delineated in Article V of the U. Issue a press release to the media so everyone will know your position. Failure to do so will result in me not voting for you. Imagine Congress receiving 1-million letters the first month; 5-million letters the second month; million the third month; million the fourth month Remember, Freedom Is Not Free!

DC Eddy opined, "Preventing the ship of state from sinking will take the right words and the right actions. It is also about insufficient funds to do what is necessary to stay afloat. It takes a lot of fluid assets to keep this nation from sinking.

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The water needs to support the ship not sink the ship. And threatening ME with microwaving and shut up the birdie because I don't understand "bird brain" tweets I don't NEED you two. I have already clearly ascertained that I have both the education and the talent to continue to advance REAL civilization.

And both of you would not be targeting me for your virtual reality women-beating if YOU did not also know that. You two make it possible for drug lords and war lords to do business as usual because you are the petty hooligans who are just in search of getting some piece of the carcass for yourselves. You wrote, as a more subtle threat to me than the microwave thingy was, "What slips between the lips can sink nations. Posted By David E. It does come off as out of the microwave and into the food disposal. Food for thought that is When I can figure out what you are saying; I am usually in agreement.

Again; I am talking about the universal you that applies to all individual you's guys and girls; the problem is not only that the words can cause confusion, the actions that ensue can cause nations to fall. After the words comes the "sticks and stones". We need the right words and the right actions to extract ourselves from the micro wave and prevent the ship of state from sinking.

Preventing the ship of state from sinking will take the right words and the right actions. Eddy February 22, PM. Personally I would limit campaign contributions to those people that one represents. And end corporate personhood. Judges should be appointed. Posted by: Judy February 22, AM. The more I learn about the American political system the more I start thinking of moving to Cuba.

This message to Bill Moyers mainly. Purchasing a political seat? You gave me another Brilliant Idea.. I think the Best thing for all Elections in the Future, is to eliminate All campaign money special interest monies of all kind. Just make it equal for all candidates by having them post there own value's and short video, like a campaign Tube video site. And have a special TV channel set up to play these districts video's for people to watch and vote.

This better leaves the founding fathers printed on money, resting better in there graves from Corruption and big money? Once you understand the way the government has massaged the stats then it all makes sense and re-enforces the understanding of doom. Posted by: E. February 20, PM.

Sometimes, the word is mightier than the sword. The right word has moved nations. Fear is just such a word. It is important to choose your words carefully. What slips between the lips can sink nations. Eddy February 20, PM. Fantastic show. I am utterly disgusted with the corruption running rampant in this country. I wonder if HELL is big enough for all these selfish, greedy, corrupt, unethical people who don't deserve to spend even one second in heaven, ever!

I will personally walk the streets and pass out thousands and thousands of copies to every single person I come in contact with from now and until the next election. God help us all. Bravo, Mr. If there is a single issue that stands above all others in its dire implications, it is that of money in politics. It is disturbing that the floodgates have now truly opened for direct corporate influence in elections. The only silver lining--if it can be called that--is the overwhelming bipartisan opposition to the Supreme Court ruling.

It seems there is something Americans can agree upon after all. Bill, your concerns belong to all of us who fear for the loss of our once great republic. The corruption of special interest money in our political system as well as the indifference of the corporate owned media that no longer speaks truth to private interests and money forcasts a bleak future for our culture. Our grand children will surely curse us for letting this once in a lifetime gift to mankind vanish before our eyes! Posted by: Richard February 19, PM.

The pendulum has surely swung and is now permanently stuck in a position of extreme corporate plutocracy but the blame lies with the voters over the past sixty or more years who always has the chance to vote for the candidates with the least campaign funds and chose instead to vote for the candidates with the largest campaign funding.

Call it human nature or ignorance or even stupidity but unfortunately we must now all live with the faults of our one-person, one-vote forefathers. We are in so much trouble! Thank you for how well this was reported on. I have lost faith in our media but this reporting had me glued to the TV. Keep it up with reporting the issues that matter, you gained a more frequent viewer and maybe a loyal one, up to you. Bill, as someone who has reported on this issue in the past, do you honestly think this outcome changes anything? The only thing that changes is that they no longer need to attempt to hide it if they wish.

Lewis Black, comedian says it best: "Corporations have been in bed with politics and elections forever. The only difference in recent times is they dont attempt to hide it. We all knew it was happening before, and now we have to hear about it? I am a Canadian , but this interest me because here in canada we have pretty much the same system of appointing judges. In both countries we have laws, laws written by lawyers whose main objective is to create arguments.. English Teacher scribed, "Either take an English composition course and PASS or stop posing gimberish that only elves and you can understand!

To Anna D: Your compositions are horrible. Either take an English composition course and PASS or stop posing gimberish that only elves and you can understand! He wrote, in part, "Let me tell you how a solar powered houses work. The deep cell battery banks costs many, many thousands of dollars and have to be replaced every 4 or 6 years. AD - The "plan" is to utilize all available energy sources to feed into an infrastructure that can accept the energy. By focusing on the money and politicians for a "solution" to the problems that politicians in pursuit of money for ME ME ME created by pretending they are "government".

No one ever pays much attention to WWII survivors who keep reminding us that they accepted an industry "job" from the occupying force because they were told they were building a factory. Now remember, this was the time of the heyday of "industrialization" and building a factory was as sacred to the times as building a "church" was in the Dark Ages.

USA society is long overdue for a "political" reorganization. ANd of course, enough appartchiks burrowed into "regulatory" government agencies to make sure no one questioned the spin. There's your "new age" labor force NO ONE wants to build a "factory" based on the "extortion" of "labor". The way the "media" trumpets paid-for "opinion", even the FBI is starting to SEE that it's the hitler-wannabee who is writing up the definition of "terrorist". I think there is some common ground here. You are right I thought you were supporting the supreme Courts decision to allow the unlimited corruption of our representatives with election funding.

I thought you were trying to confuse the issue. You are right; contributions to elections is an automatic corruption of the government and the best fix is public funded elections. The corporations already have the advantage of lobbyists. Your second post was much clearer. Eddy February 19, AM.

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There is nothing deceptive or misleading about that. Yup, simple, would work. Posted by: John February 19, AM. One key element that is missing in this debate is the role of the Fourth Estate, that is, the press. All the millions or potentially billions of dollars that special interest money might spend on advertising to influence elections will go to The media!!! So how can we expect our "watch dog" media to objectively influence public policy away from the corrupting influence of special interest big money when they stand to be the biggest winners financially?

Are television stations going to turn down ads? And in a time when even television is struggling to survive amidst the competition of hundreds of channels, why would we expect their ad people to not step in to oppose attempts to limit election spending? Same with newspapers, which are also foundering.

What I am saying is that we cannot trust ad-driven media to objectively report the dangers of high money electioneering! It leaves all the forces and voices of federal politics in place but ties the politician to the voter. Except for advertising it removes the power of big money from the politician. Yet, it leaves the right and practice of big money to petition the government.

Posted by: John. Sorry John but you still have it wrong. You are either purposely trying to distort the facts or you have been deceived. Your post has all of the ear marks of the Karl Rove method of disinformation. We have a major disaster going on right now. We have a high level attempt to deceive people and a lot of gullible people who are buying into lies and deceit. The lies and deceit are intended to create a slave state run by a dictator. People are going to have to get their act together to preserve our nation as a nation consistent with a democracy. Eddy February 18, PM. I take issue with the idea that corporations have the same free speech rights because they are not a single individual, they are groups of shareholders.

When a corporation makes a donation or runs an add or pays a lobbyist who are they representing? Their employees, the communities they do business in, people who own a few shares of stock, or the few people at the top who really benefit from these actions. After all, they are all shareholders. It seems to me that a corporation shouldn't be making a political statement unless it is in the interest of all of these groups of shareholders and not just the CEOs and boards of directors.

From this list we can see that we are still massively depend on crude for our non sustainable lifestyle. There is no replacement for crude All that "stuff" you list came into being because of all the chemicals that were "waste" product from the manufacturing of gasoline. Which is all anyone needs to know about "politicians" - they are neither scientists nor religionists. Go start a market for trading in the commodity of superfund site "waste" Some of you might disagree with the 'dieoff theory' and say solar, wind and nukes will save the day and replace all that nasty fossil fuels we use.

Let me tell you how a solar powered houses work. When you get up in the morning and want to make waffles you look at the forecast for sun. If it is not going to be sunny that day then waffles are out and make pancakes. Your batteries would be discharged too much with running the waffle iron. Same with electric ranges, dryers, water heaters, etc If it is cloudy for days on end you pull out the gas generator and recharge your battery bank just like a submarine does.

If you got lots of snow, be ready to get on the roof to clean off the solar panels. Now, a survivalist may be very thankful for this type of life. But the average American would not be so happy. I'm not telling you this to discourage you from going solar or partial solar. Am just bringing the dreamers down to earth. Just realize they are not seamless and fungible alternatives to fossil fuel and nuke power generation. When the cornucopians can pave roads and make roofing shingles out of corn instead of asphalt.

BTW, peak uranium is an issue to as well Same with coal. And we get most of our uranium from foreign sources! Even if we did find out how to burn water for energy, petrochemicals make up a large portion of crude's importance to mankind. If we stopped burning crude this instant, we would still suck the wells dry, albeit not as quickly, just from petrochemical use. Some work has been done with making plastics from corn, but it can't touch the variety of plastic and rubber products that crude produces.

So even if we all stop driving we will just be postponing the inevitable that our artificial way of living is going to change in the not so distant future. Posted by: allenwrench February 18, AM. Posted by: S. They leave the house at a. They listen to corporate-owned talk radio in the car. They watch corporate-owned TV before they go to bed for the next day's grind". The politicians learned a long time ago that the 'Domesticated American' is impotent when it comes to controlling political policy. Consumer strikes en masse could change many things. But the politicians have a way of forgetting and going back to old ways.

As such, it would take continual strikes to keep the knuckleheads in DC going down the right path. BUT such strike would take a measure of self-sufficiency that They can't miss one paycheck or will be behind on their mortgage or If they are unable to go to market for a few days they will starve. Look at the tends and you decide.

Download The Fox In The Henhouse How Privatization Threatens Democracy Bk Currents 2005

No god can fix this mess - let alone a bunch of corrupt politicians. We have built a defective model for long term population support. We can only keep on keeping on as long as the crude is free flowing and affordable by the masses. It would be one thing if we all reverted back to rural living, burning trees for fuel and housing and living within our comfortable means allotted to us by nature, as our ancestors did back in the day.

But seven billion people can't burn the trees! We must accept that we have built our world on unsustainable means - a means built artificially on fossil fuel. And when we live out of balance with natures intended means there is a price to pay to come back in balance with nature.

Bill Moyers Journal: Can Democracy Withstand The Power of Big Money?

And the price usually extracts pain from us in the adjustment process. I don't know if that is the right figure, but I do know humans could not live as they do unless it was funded by artificial means via fossil fuels. So if this dieoff happens, of course there will be great amounts of pain in the world. But it is natures intended balancing act. It also reminds us that nature does not bow to humans - it is humans that always bow to nature. A large number of Americans get their political information only from TV or talk radio, which are owned by corporations. These people are being fed propaganda that keeps them satisfied with the status quo.

Nowadays you must get your journalism from all sources. The TV is biased as well as most newspapers, magazines, etc. He is the last of the dinosaurs when it comes to fair journalism. Great podcasts, Download and make CDs and listen to in your car or while cooking if short on time. Banned me for s short time. They did not like what I posted about religion. Too many religious devotees 'confuse faith with fact' it seems. No room for delusional thinking nowadays as our world is decomposing before our very eyes I wont lie to you.

Never would let me join the forum. Full of sales garbage and hard to navigate through Another Christian based site that banned me when I critiqued the delusional religions most people get sucked into. Still, lots of good 'how to' info. The Dr. Margaret Flowers story is a case in point. Though she was able to get her foot in the door of Congressional hearings, she was soon shut down and locked out. They don't understand that their welfare is not what corporations lobby for or that they SHOULD be angry enough to organize and attempt to make themselves heard.

Can the Democracies of Today Survive a Serious Climate Crisis?

You know, a lot of Americans are too busy eking out a living to have the time or energy to educate themselves in current politics. They watch corporate-owned TV before they go to bed for the next day's grind. Even those who know that the whole system is corrupt don't have the time, or resources, or energy to fight corporate influence in politics. Politicians and the people running corporations have no idea how the other half and it IS getting to be more just the haves or have nots lives, and now, our voices will be quashed by the corporations' noise.

February 18, AM. I listened carefully to both speakers. When I put both commentaries together I have a better understanding of what the court was thinking. After listening to each I have to conclude that the remedy that will meet the needs of both speakers is:. Posted by: John February 17, PM. Those who speak of "Democracy" as if it can be preserved by regulations and more of them are confused.

The US Constitution as it existed before is astounding in its philosophical beauty. Posted By: E. The express reason for stop lights is so that people do not run into each other. The October election Lorne will be a testing stone revealing who Canadians really are. Do they want a democratically free country by which they will work to get Harper out or do they simply not care and will let the chips fall where they may.

Conscious voting is a vote for freedom, apathy is a vote for tyranny. Well put, Pamela. I don't know about our fellow Canadians, but I vote for freedom. Glad you captured the info from the Colsten Centre as they seem to be trying to remove all references to it.. Glad we have a conservative new earth creationist looking out for the environment as part of the NEB.. You are right, Anon. The Colson Centre seems to have excised all information about Mr.

I wonder what they feel they have to hide. That he would appoint a thoroughly bent character like Lytle to the board merely confirms again who the NEB serves and that isn't the country of the Canadian people. And yet the NEB goes about proclaiming it is protecting us, Mound. This piece was reprinted by Truthout with permission or license , e. Where there is private property, not everyone has the same amount of property Compassionate Capitalism read online Compassionate Capitalism People Helping.

There are very few anarcho-libertarians out there. Virtually every libertarian will go through the litany of the properly limited roles of government in the marketplace, including enforcing contracts, patents and copyrights; and regulating currency ref. The presence of a fixed cost tends to imply increasing returns to scale. Usually synonymous with a pegged exchange rate. Although "fixed" seems to imply less likelihood of change, in practice countries seldom if ever achieve a truly fixed rate epub.

We'll even convert your presentations and slide shows into the universal Flash format with all their original multimedia glory, including animation, 2D and 3D transition effects, embedded music or other audio, or even video embedded in slides , source: The Wealth of Nations The Wealth of Nations. Some final thoughts on tradition, market, and command Though we like to talk about the differences between a free enterprise economy and traditional and command economies, we should keep one point in mind The Israel Test: Why the read pdf The Israel Test: Why the World's Most.

A regime in which a country's exchange rate is allowed to fluctuate freely and be determined without intervention in the exchange market by the government or central bank. The motor of free enterprise, indeed, of all enterprise, is individual initiative. Only 70 percent of flights arrived on time in July. Usually used, often only implicitly, with frictionless trade, so that it implies that there are no barriers to trade of any kind Hegel and Capitalism Hegel and Capitalism. Virtually every libertarian will go through the litany of the properly limited roles of government in the marketplace, including enforcing contracts, patents and copyrights; and regulating currency.

They may disagree with you as to whether trust-busting is too much government, but in principle you are in agreement with most free-marketers that free-markets require government in order to be stable download online Compassionate Capitalism People Helping pdf, azw kindle , epub.