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Stories of Faith and Courage from World War II - eBook

Although the power by which he hypnotized an entire nation is legendary, one question in particular begs an answer: Where was the church of Christ? Seduced by the satanic majesty of the Fuhrer, church leaders throughout Germany allowed the swastika a prominent place alongside the Christian cross in their sanctuaries. How did this happen? According to Dr. This short, manageable book does not suggest the United States is definitely marching toward authoritarian oblivion, but that we — especially we believers — must be vigilant in our stand for truth, justice, and righteousness.

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We must take note of these lessons from history. The parallels are real, but the conclusion is not a foregone one. The ship is sailing unescorted, assured by headquarters the waters are safe.

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  • It is midnight, and Marine Edgar Harrell and several others have sacked out on deck rather than spend the night in their hot and muggy quarters below. Fresh off a top-secret mission to deliver uranium for the atomic bombs that would ultimately end World War II, they are unaware their ship is being watched.

    For five horrifying days and nights after their ship went down, Harrell and his shipmates had to fend for themselves in the open seas.


    Plagued by dehydration, exposure, saltwater poisoning, and shark attacks, their numbers were cruelly depleted before they were miraculously rescued. Listen to an interview with Harrell from The Gospel Coalition:. Newlywed American missionary Darlene Deibler Rose survived four years in a notorious Japanese prison camp set deep in the jungles of New Guinea. Oh yeah, and Albert Mohler recommended it. The family was apprehended in , and Anne Frank died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

    The diary has since been published in more than 60 different languages. Thanks so much for this helpful list, Kevin. I have loved Jesus for a long time. As this book spoke of the path Jesus took on this earth my spirit was filled with far more understanding and meaning of His life and purpose.

    I followed this difficult book with my bible close by to collaborate with thereby seeing the scripture with a deeper understanding. I am surprised it was not included in the list with all the other exceptional reads.

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    • I am looking forward to the film on CNN tonight, however, I am certain it will not deliver what close reading of the book did for me. Thanks for this list.

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